A will is a document that speaks for you after your death. It allows you to decide how you want your assets divided and who should be in charge of your estate.

A common goal in estate planning is to avoid probate. But even with the best planning, probate is sometimes necessary. A bequest from a distant relative, forgotten or unknown assets, or a lawsuit can result in probate. When probate is necessary, our goal is to make the process as quick and efficient as possible. Our experience is a major factor in helping us achieve that goal.

A pour-over will may be used in conjunction with a trust. This document “pours” any assets left in the decedent’s name after death into his or her trust.

We recommend updating your will whenever circumstances change or at least every five years.

We recommend appointing a bank trust department. However, you may also select a trusted family member or friend.

Yes. You may update your power of attorney at any time. Please call our office for an appointment.